Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Party | 2015

Yesterday, October 25, 2015, me and my brother went to our subdivision's Halloween Party and honestly, I think this may be the best year / party this place had at least for me (I've only experience this party 3x). I was so happy to see that not only were the children dressed in Halloween costumes but the adults too were dressed in Halloween theme from head to toe. Usually we only celebrate it for kids so having adults dress up for the party was pretty cool too.

My brother and mine's makeup were pretty simple I might say compared to how the others put so much effort into theirs (which I am a tad jealous and should've coordinated with my brother more but still, I loved how our look ended pretty good). I face painted my brother's face, just a simple skeleton with the white base then black eye and nose and stitched mouth. Mine was a little bit out there with pink, purple and blue hair with cat ears, blue glittery smokey eye with a cob web eyeliner and super nude lipstick. I usually don't wear this color since it makes me look dead but hey, it's Halloween!  

On location, there were booths on one side where kids could grab money (it was fake) while it was in the air and shoot some balloons with a dart and shoot a ring on a bottle. Lots of kids enjoyed that and we too enjoyed watching. 

On the other side were kids lined up for the Halloween costume contest. The 3 kids who won wore maleficient, a little girl in a white gown with blood and black eye and a little witch. I don't have pics of every one of them since there were tons of people crowding to take photos.

My neighbors / friends in the subdivision were all so fun to hang out with and we kept taking photos from everybody's camera. Kinda disappointed that I only managed to take a few since I didn't really remember to take some because I was just having a really great time chatting with them. 

Once it was getting dark, we all headed back to our houses to prepare our candy for the kids and adults that were going trick or treating. And not gonna lie, I felt so proud of me and my bro because we received a ton of compliments for how we looked and the way our treats are nicely decorated especially with my hair, lots of people asked me how to use the hair chalk because it never worked right for them and it looked so pretty so I may have to make a blog topic on how to use hair chalk after my Halloween Series.

When all of our treats were out, I took my brother around the subdivision so he could go trick or treating and seriously, there is no age limit for trick or treating in our subdivision and everybody is more than happy to give you treats. Some of them are pretty generous too. I know I wasn't asking for any but they still gave me stuff otherwise. 

So that is it for this Halloween Party post and I will still continue posting my Halloween Series because I have so much more to share with all of you and if you can't already tell, Halloween is one of my favorites! Now excuse me while I rub some oil on my hair to remove the color from it. ♥

If you're curious on what products I used for me and my brother's makeup, some of them I posted on my latest haul HERE.


  1. I love your hair!

    Lauren x |

  2. Nice pictures, your hair is awesome!


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