Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Books, Not Too Scary Reads | 2015

Want to celebrate Halloween but don't wanna be too scared by what you read? Check out this list of books that will give you the magic or essence of Halloween but won't really scare the pants out off you. 

  • The Witch's Daughter by: Paula Brackston
Scare Factor: 2/10
I won't deny that during the beginning, the story does stretch out a lot but this is a perfect read about witches, on how they become one, how they live as one, how everyone else treats them and what are the consequences of being one.

  • Bad Girls Don't Die by: Katie Alender
Scare Factor 6/10
A bit on the scary side, a bit of a twist in the story. Creepy but not overwhelming, the author kept a right amount of balance for a reader who wouldn't want to be frightened. The story revolves around Alexis, a high school student with Parents that's marriage are on the rocks and a 12 year old doll crazy sister. Things gets stranger as time goes by, her sister's eyes turn from blue to green, she speaks in an old-fashioned language and the doors opens and closes by itself. She tries to deny what she's seeing and experiencing, but how long could she do so without thinking that she is losing her mind?  

  • The Mercy Thompson Series by: Patricia Briggs
Scare Factor: 2/10
Mercedes Thompson a.k.a. "Mercy" your professional Volkswagen mechanic who is neighbors with the local alpha wolf, friends with a vampire, works with a faery and more. What makes her interesting is, she can turn into a coyote in a blink of an eye. Perfect series if you are into urban fantasy. Not too spooky but lots of turn of events that would keep you on your toes. 

  • Walk Of The Spirits by: Richie Tankersley Cusick
Scare Factor: 5/10
If you were a fan of Horror young adult fiction before, you probably know who Richie Tankersley Cusick is. This book however, isn't as scary as her other books but still has a spooky feel into it to fit Halloween. The story revolves around a girl named Miranda Barnes. She starts hearing voices or whispers when she's alone and sees shadow figures when no one is there to make them. Worth the read if you are looking for something spooky but not too scary.

  • Tombstone Tea by: Joanne Dahme
Scare Factor: 4/10
Not too scary but still creepy enough to read on a Halloween night. The story is about Jamie who accepts a dare to spend one night at a cemetery to be part of the "in" crowd. She then meets Paul who explains to her what Tombstone tea is all about, it is a fund-raising performance in which actors impersonate the people buried in the cemetery. There are actors are rehearsing that same night Jamie spends the night there. But Jamie quickly discovers that they aren’t actors at all but the ghosts of men and women buried in the cemetery. 

Have a happy reading and Halloween! If you are looking for not too scary movies too, click HERE
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Credits: Book covers found on google. 


  1. Ohh. Horror stories are not my thing but since it's Halloween season, why not :D

    1. Ikr, I used to love horror, idk what happened so I stick with stuff like these :D

  2. I love the sound of Bad Girls Don't Die!!

    Lauren x |

    1. It's reaaaaally good and it has a sequel too so if you love the first book, you could go ahead and read the others with the same amount of spooky feel.


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