Saturday, October 17, 2015

8 Things To Do On A Rainy Day For When You're Alone.

There is nothing like the gloomy weather to kill any good ideas or cancel the fun things you planned for the day. Since currently there will be a typhoon coming in the Philippines, I decided to list down the things I do to keep myself entertained during these moments other than having a power bank (portable charger) and a pocket wifi.

  • Make a no electricity survival kit
This consists of books, DVD or downloaded movies or t.v. shows on your device. This way, you won't worry if the electricity goes out. Just remember to charge everything though. Including emergency lights and spare batteries.
  • Prepare or make food
Either some cookies and milk, hot chocolate or just dinner for later. Prepare them all so that you can just grab and go throughout the day.
  • Catch up with some writing on your journal
If you own one, this would be the best time to sit down and do some writing since you could write about your plans for the coming days, week or months or if you don't have a journal, you could start one now!
  • Pamper yourself
Since you're practically trapped inside your house, why not give your full attention to yourself? Shave all that needs to be shaved, put a face mask on, color your nails, practice styling your hair, whatever since you most likely won't have to deal with anybody else for the day.
  • Do some dress rehearsals for the week to come
Lay out the clothes you think you wanna use for the week and put pieces together and try them on. Assign which day everything would be perfect for and hang them back into your closet. Very productive and would make you thank yourself later on.
  • Meditate
You probably don't wanna do anything else that I just mentioned or overwhelmed by everything you can or want to do, calm down and meditate for a few minutes. Empty your mind and all that stuff, maybe it'll help, maybe it won't but hey, it's a guarantee that you'll feel alot calmer and to decide which one you should probably be doing first.
  • Exercise or work out indoors
So meditating isn't your thing huh? Then let's do something really quick and challenging like working out. Sitting all day probably won't be good for you especially if you're always on the go. So roll up your yoga mat or maybe grab onto those dumbbells and start sweating. For sure by the end of it you'll feel accomplished, productive and would wanna do it again (you probably won't but it's a nice thought to have).
  • Sleep
Well you might've done everything I said or you just don't feel like it. How about catching up on some sleep? It eats up the time and you won't have to do anything at all. Plus having a really cold weather to snuggle to bed to is a nice ambiance to have when you wanna head to bed. 

What do you do during a gloomy weather?


  1. lovely post! xo

  2. Awesome tips. I always make sure to read books and blogs in a gloomy weather as it hinders the depressing effects of a bad weather. Nice post:)

  3. I actually love rainy days except when I'm in Manila. Book + coffee + bed + cold weather = best introvert moment in life. :D

    Jessica |

    1. Yea when you don't really have anything planned that involves heading outside, it's a really nice weather to have especially when reading books.


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