Thursday, October 8, 2015

5 Websites To Visit When You're Feeling Nostalgic | 90's Kid

Maybe you wanna relive some things from the 90's?
A game..
A movie..
A TV show
Or maybe everything in between?

You'll just wonder, where has the time gone? How did everything suddenly change? Or maybe you just did something you used to like when you were younger that you wanna remember. Try out these websites if you are feeling nostalgic at the moment:

If you were a fan of nintendo games back in the 90's or even before that, you'd actually enjoy this because it has a huge selection of games that you could play on your spare time. 
You know that you loved the 90's but don't particularly know what to watch or do or you can't remember what you used to like about it. Try this retro TV that streams some shows, music and even commercials that were date back in the 90's. They also have 80's and 70's TV too.
Ever wanna play some old games you used to enjoy? While this is quite similar to SNESFUN, this site is for those who had the Gameboy Color and collected some games in the past. They have different genres although their most played ones would have to be the pokemon editions. You can create an account and save your game for later.
This isn't specifically just for the 90's but any year that you wanna hear your favorite tunes from or maybe if you're just curious what people used to like or how music was like back then.
It was always all about the arcade, even until now I think. This site has almost every game that you'd expect to see in an arcade and what you probably loved too back then. Plus! You can put a game from this website to your own blog or site! (And yes, I did put Puzzle Bobble on mine for a little while. I couldn't resist the opportunity).

Now, what do you do when you're feeling nostalgic?

Note: The images was on google but made into a collage by me. 

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