Thursday, October 1, 2015

25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Last June, I made 25 Blog post ideas that would help inspire anyone who is experiencing the writer's block. Today I wanna share some beauty related post ideas if you are in that niche and would wanna fill up your editorial calendar. I do kinda wanna make a separate ideas posts in the future so I guess this would be the start of it!

  1. MOTD (Makeup Of The Day) or FOTD (Face Of The Day)
  2. Your beauty or makeup story.
  3. Your top 10 favorites (10 lipsticks, foundations, concealers etc.)
  4. Your makeup routine
  5. What's in your makeup bag?
  6. Seasonal makeup (eg: Halloween Makeup, Fall makeup, Back-to-school etc.)
  7. A story of how you used to do your makeup.
  8. Your beauty essentials must haves.
  9. Your makeup / beauty products wish list.
  10. Your makeup storage.
  11. Beauty related tags.
  12. One brand tutorial.
  13. Favorite brand.
  14. Your comfort zone shade. (eg: nude pink lips / eyes).
  15. The inspiration of your current style.
  16. Go-to hairstyles.
  17. Your go-to selfie makeup.
  18. Beauty myths that you actually swear by.
  19. How you take care of your makeup / beauty products.
  20. Your skin care journey.
  21. Things you should ask someone or research about when going to get a laser hair removal / hair colored / eyelash extensions etc.
  22. Differentiate all of the makeup products on how you think they should be used (eg: Cream concealers for dark under eye circles).
  23. Your makeup brush recommendations.
  24. Morning or night routine.
  25. How to maintain or manage your beauty blog.

I hope that this list has helped you get some ideas or inspiration and if you have any more questions or suggestions, do leave a comment down below and I'll reply to them as soon as I see them. And by the way, it's October! Have anything ready for Halloween? 


  1. Excellent! Tips Joyce for those who are in fashion blogging niche :)


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