Saturday, September 5, 2015

Reacting To My Old Blog Posts | When I was 12

Alright, so I have a very old blog and I honestly cringe whenever I remember it because of all the things I posted there. But today, I will be showing you guys some snippets or a preview of what my 12-13 year old me writes about and what is my reaction now that I am 21 years old. Note: These are all at random dates.

Okay, wow I was such a badass *rolls eyes* I forget how much of a nerd I was back then.

HAHA! I also forgot how much of a little meanie I was back then too, and I could still remember who that guy was. We don't talk anymore And yea, I managed to get a punch in there quite a few times since we became good friends after for awhile.

Man, I sure didn't know what I had coming back then. But I actually stand by this until today, never actually realized that this was one of the quotes I was actually living in.

Alright, I remember this quite clearly, it was one of my first biggest heartbreaks. I actually did some pretty stupid things after that all because I was depressed for days, only to have those stupid things come back to bite me. So that went on for awhile and here I am! Aw, poor me, and I can't believe I documented my first heartbreak.. oh my god. *facepalm*

Aww! Hannah Montana The Movie! Ugh, I miss the old Disney. Anyway, I still remember the steps in hoedown throwdown until today which I do not know for whatever reason I do, but yes I tried it and remembered every single thing. And friendster? Wow, this is legit proof that this has been awhile, and I remember forcing my friends to join twitter that time all because I saw Miley Cyrus was using it, I was such a huge Hannah Montana fan and until this day, I still think her closet is goals.

He-hey! Congrats to me. And woa, I remember being around 13 at this time. Darling, you do not need a boyfriend at that age but well, you did anyway, I mean I did. Okay, this is confusing. Heart broken love songs? I think I was listening to Taylor Swift songs back then. I was a huge Swiftie.

Ugh, Finally I learned. Although probably not enough since I made the same mistake once or twice over the years but hey. That was fun.

So I couldn't really take it anymore and to be honest, I would like to delete it from its existence but I couldn't remember the login anymore. Sometimes I wish I didn't get to use the internet until I was 16 because if I remember correctly, this isn't the only one that is floating around the internet ready to humiliate me. Please, do not search it, and if you do, don't say I didn't warn you.. HAHA!

Anyway, this was fun and kind of disturbing and interesting, I was a whole different person back then. But then again, I remember I was going through a very tough time during those years, I'm glad I had some things that distracted me from all of them. 

Thank you for reading and until the next blog!


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