Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DIY Makeup Storage | On A Budget DIY

So if you guys read my The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger post, you'll know that I haven't organized my makeup collection just yet the reason is 1) I keep Forgetting to get them and 2) Most of the Acrylic cases that the mall has aren't cute to look at at all. So today, I finally decided to make my own makeup storage using only these few items: Note: I'll list down where I got everything at the very end of the post.

  • Jars of any size (Depends on how big you want them) 
  • Gold String or any color or ribbon that you prefer. 
  • White or Silver Pen.
  • Decorative stickers (Or you could make them yourselves
  • Scissors


  1. Make sure the jars are clean and keep the lid (incase you'll need them for something else)
  2. Grab your string and wrap it around the top part of your jar, I did mine 3x but it is upto you on how much you want it to cover the top part of your jar. 
  3. Tie the string however you wish to secure it in place. And do this to all of your other jars.
  4. Take out your pen and decorative sticker and write what you wanna label each jar. Note: Wait for them to dry or you'll have an epic fail moment like mine (My "face" label T.T)
  5. Once the labels are dry, stick them to where you want it to be placed on your jar.
  6. For the finishing touch, add in your brushes and other makeup products and enjoy!

So I hope that this has been useful and if you have any more questions or suggestions, do leave a comment down below and I'll try my best to answer or respond to them once I see them. Feel free to share if you are planning or going to do this and tag me on my social media sites ♥

Where I got everything:

  • Charmay String Garter Meta (The Gold String) P26 ($0.55 USD) from National Bookstore.
  • Jars for P29 each ($0.62 USD) from DIY Hardware Store.
  • My Metal 0.7 P25.75 ($0.55 USD) from National Bookstore
  • Decorative Stickers P45 ($0.96 USD) from National Bookstore


    1. Cute idea! I want something like this pero may takip for my brushes. Haha :D

      1. Oo sis maganda yung ganon parang mukhang candy or bread siya haha


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