Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blogging 101: 5 Reasons On Why You Should Reply To Comments

I've been a blogger for months and sometimes I come across other bloggers that may or may not have the same niche as me, but being new as I am, I'm pretty amazed by the comments other bloggers receive. But sadly, I don't get why they don't respond to people's comments either just a thank you for the compliment or answering their questions. I get that the content creator maybe busy doing something else, but what I don't get is if you only got 1 or 2 or not even 10 comments to respond to, why not reply? And also, you don't have to reply to every single one, but atleast try and answer the important questions, you can't possibly be busy all month right? And another thing that's weird is, they ignore the positive comments and questions and fire back at the haters, negative or unnecessary comments in a way to defend themselves but don't try to maintain the other people who have more informative things to say. Well anyway, enough of that rant, here are the reasons why replying to your content's comments from other people is important:

1. Your readers will find you approachable.

Sometimes, people tend to be curious and ask you for a more detailed explanation of your content or for more information that they seem to take interest from your post, try your best to answer them with as much information as you can and I'm sure that they will most likely appreciate your effort and time.

2. You get more views.

Whether we admit it or not, views of our blogs does count if we want a bigger audience. People left a comment on your content because they found it interesting and viewed it and also took the time to read it and analyze to leave a compliment on either your writing or the whole topic, or leave questions that they are seeking answers to, you can link them some of your other content related to their question if there are any and once you reply to them, they will most likely come back to check or leave a comment back and start a conversation which leads to..

3. Building a relationship with your readers.

People read your content because it is what caught their eye and what interests them. They start a topic that will most likely end as a good conversation between you and your reader. It is nice and rare to find good people around the internet nowadays so it wouldn't really hurt if you do try to be nice and make conversation. And who knows, maybe if they're a blogger themselves, there comes a collaboration opportunity for you.

4. Sometimes, you'll just learn more from your readers.

This maybe one of those situations where you enunciated a topic and the conversation just kept coming at you. It's like people are speaking from all sorts of different perspective or opinions that you may learn a lot from them.

5. Remember that having a ton of comments to respond to is better than no comments at all. Learn to keep them while they're still there.

Like I said, people take interest on your content or your blog in general which is why they leave comments. That alone should be a sign that your blog does get attention and if you wanna keep it that way, then you should care to reply to the people behind every comment.

So anyway, those are my top reasons on why you should respond to comments. You may not be able to reply to every single one, but at least try to make time on your week to do so. Remember the reason you started blogging, at least for me, this is the reason: You create content to be informative or to entertain other people. Seeing them respond is a good sign since you know other people are benefiting from what you know. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I read or watch a content I'm interested in, I always tend to view the comments and see if other people has anything to add or do they agree with the content creator or not. It's a ongoing conversation that is also informative on itself and also the reason why I do leave my own comments whenever I visit somebody else's blog.

Hope that this has helped ♥


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