Monday, September 21, 2015

8 Ways To Feel Happy Now

Sometimes we will be so upset that we won't even know what to do. We tend to get stuck and forget all the basics on living a good life. We even go as far as asking google on something that would help us from the agony, and here you are! Well, since you're here, it is already the first step on getting yourself up and over it. So these are the things that would help you get through a rough day:

1. Watch funny T.V. Shows or Movies. If you know that you probably will be just staring at a wall for the whole day, try and find some movies or shows to watch that would for sure make you laugh.You won't need to do anything but just look at the screen and hear what the people are saying and in no time, you'll find yourself laughing along.

2. Eat something you crave for. Think about something that you would wanna have right at this moment, stand up and go get it. There is nothing like a really good comfort food. To make things easier though, try to find something that is currently abit more accessible for you so that you won't have to stress out on where to get what.

3. Pamper yourself. Shave, put makeup on, do your hair, sort out your clothes, anything that would help you focus on yourself. Eventhough you won't feel like it, you will need to do it all because you need to take care of yourself and nobody else would do that for you rather than yourself. How about trying out something new with your looks? Experiment and concentrate on your features. Well, even if you feel bad you still look great.And maybe once you see that you are looking better, you'll be inspired to actually do something productive.

4. Get out of the house or the situation for a moment. Pull yourself out of something that is making you even more upset. Take a breath of fresh air, put one foot after another until you feel better. If you can, try and think about why is it making you upset? Why are you upset? What can you or someone else do that would make it better for everybody? Is it worth stressing about? And when you get all the answers, or maybe just enough, go back and then deal with it.

5. Meditate. Sit down some place quiet, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try to empty your mind while doing this and just let the calmness of your body handle the stress on your mind. Once you start to get the hang of it, you will feel alot better than you did before you started.

6. Focus on what you already have. The reason why sometimes we are stressed and upset is because of things or situations we cannot have or won't happen. Try and think about what you do have and how it may help on your current situation. Can it be an alternative of what you are aiming for? Or could you possibly use that instead? You have somethings for a reason, make the most of what you have. It is worth the try.

7. Talk to somebody. It can be a friend, a family or a total stranger that you probably will never see again in your life (jokes, be careful with strangers folks!). The best way to let out the frustration is to vent out to someone who will actually listen. Or maybe try and find someone who wouldn't listen but would entertain you with their own stories, it'll distract you and you'd know you are not alone on being upset. Relief comes in different ways, you never know.

8. Taking a minute or two to think about your next move is fine but after awhile, you would really have to just deal with it.  There are times that you just know that there is no choice and you'd have to face it sooner or later, just do it. Waiting or stalling would probably make things a whole lot worse, so rather you do it now than when it gets uncontrollable. Do it now so you would be able to move on sooner. And once it's done, you'll feel so much better.

Take a deep breath, it isn't the end of the world. No matter what it is, remember that as long as you're breathing, as long as you can still crack a smile, you'll be alright. These are pretty simple ways but big things start will the smallest of things. And like I said, go ahead and try it, what's there to lose?

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