Monday, September 14, 2015

7 Beauty Products That Every Woman In Their 20s Needs.

The 20's is the time to explore and do things you would never thought you'd be doing and it's when you get to know more about yourself and know exactly where you wanna go (well, maybe not entirely). With that, comes your survival kit in your 20's, Be free to live your life but don't forget to look pretty while doing it.

Dry Shampoo.

We are mostly in and out of the house in a blink of an eye and sometimes, we won't really have enough time to do our hair (or eat D:) so with this, just spray it around your head and brush through and you're good to go, no one would ever know.

Wide Tooth Comb.

Remember that when our hair is wet, it is when it is the most sensitive and would most likely break if we pull too hard. Having a wide tooth comb would helps you manage your hair without being too harsh on it. This item is a must especially if you are already experiencing breakage or falling hair.

Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrows are everything. Something that someone should have told me when I was 14. Eyebrows are the things besides your hair that frames your face. I find that if you have well groomed eyebrows, everything else just falls into place. And it gives the impression that you tried eventhough you probably didn't at all, it's just that effortless look that every girl has.


We can't deny that there are just times when we do not feel awake at all and have to move like a robot throughout the day. Don't let that stop you from taking care and making yourself look presentable. Dab some concealer on your eye bags and some spots you need hidden. Atleast there's a part of you that does look awake *wink*.

Waterproof Mascara.

There are just days where we are practically running everywhere, sweating and dealing with the weather. Having waterproof mascara helps alot when we wanna look a little more prettier or presentable but at the same time wouldn't be a hassle trying to care or watch or touch up on it. Like the concealer, this also helps on making us look awake since it lengthens our eyelashes or gives it volume that frames the eyes and makes it look bigger.

That Beautiful Red Lipstick

Everybody has a lip color that suits them well, the advice I heard and swear by is if you are picking out your red lipstick shade, it is to pick one that makes your teeth look whiter and not yellow. A red lipstick is perfect for any event or if you just wanna have a bolder look for some days.

Your Signature Perfume.

Do you have one? Well, this is a must. Ever just have someone walk past you and you already know who they are just because of their lovely scent? It could also be you next time. Pick out a scent that makes you feel fresh and unique but not too powerful on your nose. It's like putting on your favorite sweater, you must feel comfortable but still get to express yourself. A secret accessory that completes the all out look.

What's in your 20's survival beauty kit?


  1. I'm so glad that I came across this post. This has definitely helped me!!


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