Wednesday, September 23, 2015

6 Things I Learned From Daily Blogging | 100th Blog Post

Hello everyone, today is the day where I finally achieved and published my 100th blog post. I have been managing this blog since December 08, 2014 and I mostly posted some random stories or reviews or hauls and what I did before and during Christmas day. It was pretty fun that I thought I might do "blogmas" this year. I'm not sure if there is such thing but it does make me quite excited for it. But anyway, I just started "daily" blogging this month and let me tell you, it was no joke. I missed a day which I feel that I haven't succeeded this challenge but I found out that I learned some important things from it which I'm gonna share with you today.

  • Organizing and Planning is important.
During the first few days of me doing daily blogging was a mess. I had ideas here and there, I had random drafts all saved that makes no sense and most of them aren't even organized to when I want them to be published. I just realized that the trick to daily blogging is, make topics beforehand, take photos, and then schedule your posts on when you need them to go live. With this, it became a lot easier and also, makes me appreciate it more since I get to go back and check / reread my content before I publish it.
Making the content on the exact same day and time you're gonna publish it only stresses you out. Doing some planning won't hurt and would make things alot easier, you'll be thanking yourself later on.
  • Writing everyday and sharing everyday is two different things
Well, I have my own personal journal and while I do write down my thoughts everyday (and probably every 2 hours some days), creating actual content that I write and share to everybody is a whole lot different. Not just of the feeling / pressure but I always find that every content you post, always remember that it maybe somebody's first time to read your work or read all about you. Every time, it feels like you are letting anyone have a first impression of you whereas if you write in your journal or a letter to somebody, they / you already know your background story. The only 2 things that I can say that are similar to those two are 1, the writer or the person behind the content and 2, you made them with passion. I don't know how else to go more in depth with this other than having to be more specific of the idea that you're showing to everybody and not just a few random thoughts.
Also, the source of information is important since not everybody will get what you're talking about so having more information to back up your content is very useful.
  • Don't underestimate your mind / creativity.
When you do think about it, 30 days, 30 topics, 30 contents made by you, it is a lot. There will be a time when you'd feel you're all squeezed out but honestly, you aren't just yet. There will be something that you'd think about out of the blue and then you'd think, why haven't I thought about that before? Probably because you were thinking about it but not considering it. And all I can say is, my contents for this month did surprise me and what I thought I would never cover about. You'd also be surprised on how many people will be interested in topics that you're dreading to share. 

  • Making content everyday does not increase your traffic that dramatically.
Going blog statistics wise, some people (including me at first) thought that sharing blog posts daily increases the amount of people that view your blog since there's something new everyday. Well, unless you have really loyal readers, sure. But if you're pretty new or still starting out, probably yes but not that much of a change. Like what everybody says, success doesn't just come overnight. But it also doesn't hurt to keep publishing posts for useful articles for people in need of it. 

  • The little things do matter (as blog post ideas)
This maybe related to the "don't underestimate your mind / creativity" category, but seriously though, almost everything you do, experience and witness can be a blog topic all on itself. Whether you retell the story or use it as an inspiration, or express how you feel on the matter, somebody out there does take interest on random things. You probably won't care as much now but you never know who you're helping or inspiring with your stories or information. And, it is nice to have something to get back to when you're the one in need of inspiration. 
  • Blogging is not dead
For awhile, I have been hearing / reading this going around the internet. That vlogs have taken over and blogs aren't that much of a help anymore. Well, it isn't true. At some point, every single person reads an article online also made by another person which is their content on their blog. People share it to their friends and family and they too read the content. I, have been reading at least 5 blogs a day even before I was blogging myself. Don't get me wrong, I like watching some vlogs too, but blogs just give out a whole different experience. Also, making your own content, seeing your work go live on your blog and people making conversation about it is a very satisfying feeling.

So those are what I learned from "trying" to daily blog. And now, I do realize that it is a lot of work and you must be dedicated to actually do it, which isn't a bad thing. It just shows that you are passionate about what you have and would continue to improve. I don't regret doing it, heck, I'll probably continue to do it as much as I can. I find this really fun and challenging, eventhough it isn't really a challenge and it isn't for me to prove anybody wrong, it's just fascinating to see how ideas and content keep coming at you. 

Do remember that, continue to blog if it makes you happy. Whether it'll be a daily post or weekly post. Don't make content just for the sake of making one. Enjoy and have fun with it because it will reflect on your work. Stock yourself and your blog with information that you'd think is nice to share, whether it'll be about you, what you like to do, what you know what to do and what makes you happy. With this you are sharing something that actually matters, not just for your readers, but also to you too.

Speaking of 100, here are 100 little things that make me smile. 

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