Friday, September 18, 2015

3 Cool Apps Every Blogger Should Have Or Try Out.

Sometimes, having your blogging platform and just some social media platforms just won't cut it. If you are a full-time blogger or plan to be one, then I suggest you try out these apps and would find some good use to them:

Having to live in the generation today, you have either one or all of the social media platforms for contact to your friends, your relatives or even your readers. 1Password is like a bank for all of your login information stored into one. It has a secret code so unlike you listing down on a piece of paper or putting it on your memo on your device that anybody who would have access to it may see or mess with, this would be a safer bet. It is available to use offline and you can sync it to iCloud for backup.

If you are one of those people who tends to lose their "must buy" or "to-do" lists on papers, then how about sending a reminder for yourself in advance? This app lets you message yourself an hour or more later. You will receive it even if you are offline so it is an on-the go app if you have to be out the whole day.

If you are one of those people who are always on-the go and gets blog posts inspirations throughout the day, use this app to write down or take note of your thoughts. You could also use this app for comparing notes with a co-worker and be able to discuss while the app is open. 

So those are the apps that I am also currently using and playing around with as a blogger and hope that this has been helpful. Let me know on the comment down below if you have good experiences with these apps or if you have any other app to recommend me to use.

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