Tuesday, September 1, 2015

10 Beautiful Free Fonts For Everybody | 2015

Ever since I started using photoshop and also blogging, I have always loved to get myself new sets of fonts, I'm just such a huge font junkie, I like collecting them that sometimes, it is abit of a struggle on just choosing to use only 1 type of font for a post. But whatever, I am happy with them and I won't deny that I'll still be getting myself more of these in the future.

Since it is the start of September, I thought that again, it is a fresh start of the month, meaning new topics for blogs or just dramatically changing your whole blog appearance, then I guess that these fonts would help you guys in designing or decorating your blog, posts or photos. The best part is, all of these are FREE! They aren't made by me, I only use them and got them from a website that I will also be linking down below. So happy new month and enjoy! And yes, I did use Ben & Jerry's Ice cream flavors names as sample texts :) 

I hope that this has helped you if you are finding new fonts to try, do tell me what fonts you use or what are your favorites too! Thanks for reading and until the next blog!


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