Sunday, July 5, 2015

100 Little Things That Make Me Smile.

Sometimes we seem to think that our life pretty much sucks, that there will be instances where everything just keeps falling apart all at the same time and then we tend to forget how to actually be happy, we tend to forget the little things in life that we don't appreciate enough but gives us the satisfaction of being able to do it. So I wanna list down 100 things that you might haven't notice yet or haven't really appreciated enough that still manages to make me smile even in my darkest days:

  1. Cold water on a very hot day.
  2. Being able to sleep with no alarms to wake me up.
  3. A new pen or a new journal to write on.
  4. Free Products from the brands I love.
  5. Stretching in the morning.
  6. The lovely air in  the morning.
  7. Having clean lenses on my glasses.
  8. A full battery on all the gadgets that I own.
  9. Having my bladder emptied out or Peeing.
  10. Having your room / house real clean.
  11. Brand new shoes / Newly cleaned shoes.
  12. Just washed clothes.
  13. Finishing a household chore.
  14. Being able to make a blog post for today.
  15. Being able to finish a book.
  16. The excitement when I am about to watch my favorite show.
  17. Feeling full after eating lunch or dinner.
  18. Finishing an artwork, no matter the outcome.
  19. Buying a new item for me to use daily from the mall.
  20. Getting a haircut / Changing my style.
  21. Freshly applied manicure.
  22. Newly cut / shaped nails.
  23. The feeling after I finished with your bath / shower.
  24. Getting home after a long day outside.
  25. A really comfy bed to crash on every night.
  26. Being awarded / recognized for my work.
  27. Playing games with my friends.
  28. Having someone to talk with about my problems.
  29. Getting a new book to read.
  30. Not feeling any pain for today.
  31. My favorite snacks are stocked up at the kitchen.
  32. Redecorated room.
  33. Took a really good selfie / photo of anything or anyone.
  34. New followers on my blog or any social media sites.
  35. Freshly applied makeup.
  36. Good hair days.
  37. Buns or caps for bad hair days.
  38. Being able to stay home and rest or do whatever I want.
  39. Downloading new apps to my iPad.
  40. Being able to go through my makeup collection in my drawer.
  41. Trying out new food and loving it.
  42. Being able to order takeout.
  43. Successfully cooked a good tasting meal.
  44. Having long walks for no reason.
  45. Hanging out with friends.
  46. Bonding with family members.
  47. Working out / Exercising.
  48. Putting on work out / gym clothes / gear.
  49. Eating healthy even for just a day.
  50. Having newly adjusted braces.
  51. Being able to put on a really good outfit or looking presentable for the day.
  52. Being able to contact my mother on a daily basis.
  53. Seeing my brother smile.
  54. Having money to splurge on things that I love.
  55. Airconditioning on a really hot day.
  56. Having no bad thoughts before I sleep.
  57. Having good dreams.
  58. Waking up feeling motivated to do something.
  59. Jotting down new blog post ideas.
  60. Creating drafts on my blog that are to be posted for the next few days.
  61. Redecorating my blogs.
  62. Made new friends online and offline.
  63. Complimenting someone and meaning it.
  64. Doing something for somebody else with nothing in return.
  65. Having old and memorable photos to look at.
  66. Reading somebody else's list or post on what made them happy.
  67. Laying in bed and just relaxing.
  68. Getting to play online games for a day / everyday.
  69. Enjoying what I'm doing until I last track of time.
  70. Changing to new light bulbs for a room in the house.
  71. Payed all of the house bills.
  72. Knowing that I am expecting a friend coming / visiting me at home.
  73. Visiting somebody else at their home.
  74. Hearing somebody else's good news.
  75. Witnessing somebody do something admirable.
  76. Expecting no phone calls or visitors for the day.
  77. Having stacked up books on a shelf knowing that I read all of them already.
  78. My favorite bloggers or youtubers posting or uploading new content.
  79. Seeing people read and comment good things about the content I make.
  80. Going out just to have fun and not needing to do anything.
  81. Hot choco or my favorite green tea on my desk everyday.
  82. Knowing where everything is placed in the house.
  83. Going to an event.
  84. Checking and replying to emails.
  85. Scheduling a trip with friends or family out of town.
  86. Packing for a trip that I'm looking forward to.
  87. New songs or my favorite songs to listen to on my iPad on a loop.
  88. Getting compliments from strangers (Not in a creepy way).
  89. Getting through a rough day or situation.
  90. Creating a wish list or bucket list for the things I wanna try.
  91. Discovering a new recipe.
  92. Being able to follow a tutorial correctly.
  93. Learning new words.
  94. Having friendly neighbors who smile and chat with me whenever they see me.
  95. Being able to relate to quotations made by other people who I may or may not know personally.
  96. Appreciating the effort somebody else made or did for me.
  97. Getting to download something I want for free.
  98. Giving out good advice to people who needs them.
  99. Looking forward for tomorrow.
  100. Knowing that I have 100 reasons to smile each day.

I hope that this has inspired you to appreciate all the little things in life and whether we think about it or not, there are more than a hundred reasons for us to be able to crack that smile each day even how tough the situation may be. Do tell me some of your own little things that makes you happy or if you could relate to anything else that I listed down. This post has been inspired by a blogger that I follow "agirlobsessed" where she made 100 things that she is grateful for. I find it real nice that even if the world is not an easy place to live in, there are still people who acknowledges the fact that there is still hope in tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and until the next blog!

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