Friday, June 26, 2015

What To Do When You're Feeling Uninspired? My Personal Tips.

Wo-oh long title on the loose! Hey guys! You know why you're here, you clicked it and now we shall start!

Okay so ideas, ideas, ideas.. We all get a what people would like to call a "blogger's block" where it's our scheduled post date and have nothing prepared or if you're feeling the "I wanna blog about something but I don't know what I wanna write about." Well, I've listed out some things that usually helps me and would probably help you too on finding the things that you need:

  • ♥ Google.Whether we admit it or not, google is indeed our friend whenever we are in need of answers for all sorts of different questions and that also includes blog ideas. There you'll be able to find other bloggers posting their list of ideas depending on which niche you're covering on your blog. It'll give you 10, 20, 50 or a hundred of ideas that for sure you would pick something up and would also want to do in the future.
  • ♥ Magazines. Do not underestimate the good old paper with words and pictures on it. These things don't just only entertain you when you're feeling bored. They could also be a source of your next topic. Whether it'll be makeup inspiration or life advice or a place where you could look for designing ideas. For me it even helps when I binge read topics and think to myself "why didn't I thought of that?" because I would find things in there that would interest me that I wouldn't think of searching about and putting something like it on my blog.
  • ♥ Music. You know those days when you feel like music is the only thing that understands what you're feeling at the moment? Well guess what, music does help on giving you ideas too. What?! Say that again! Yes, there are some lines in the song that you would tend to repeat over and over again until you explain to yourself why that line makes so much sense to you and then the next thing you know, you've got an article or a blog entry right in your hands all because you built a story behind it.
  • ♥ Go for a walk. Seriously, being in a 4 cornered room and pressuring your mind to think of something isn't doing you or your blog any good. Step outside, put 1 foot after another and explore. You probably won't know where you're heading, you just know that you're walking but the best thing about it is you won't know what to expect while you're just passing by a road. Take a look around you, take pictures if you want to. Don't think about what you may find or what you could use, just calm yourself down and enjoy the moment. And that feeling your experiencing while just enjoying everything around you... why not blog about it? If it made you feel great then I'm sure you can be inspired enough to write about how it made you feel a lot better after being stressed out or what are the things that caught your attention and why did it? Seems to me that it'll be a blog posts that you will be proud enough to look back to because it's the one where you fully let go and just enjoy.
  • ♥ Sharing. So you tend to share statuses on your facebook, your twitter or other social media platforms. Try and look back at what kind of statuses you posted and think why did you post that? What were you feeling when you shared it? Is there a story behind it that you wanna tell everybody about? Or if you felt like that, how did you overcome it? Because I'm sure there are people out there who would be interested to know if they're in the same situation or just curious on what it felt like because they haven't experienced it themselves yet. To be honest, this topic came from the idea of me just being uninspired so I built a story around it and now I'm here. Cool isn't it? You should try it out too since you're already sharing it, why not have fun with it too? 
  • ♥ Your old journals. I'm just assuming that some of you may have one, this is the thing that most of us probably neglected. Having your own personal journal is where you keep things that are private or write about what your actual thoughts were. How about reading back the really old ones that you still have and see what your reaction is while reading it. You'll probably come across some things that you don't remember that you've experienced before. You may find some topics in there that would probably give you inspiration on creating a certain topic that you wanna cover. You know what they say, no one else would help you but yourself! (That made me smile a bit, not gonna lie xD)
  • ♥ Look into old stuff that you owned.Whether it'll be inside the attic, in a box stored somewhere in your house or on your drawer that you've owned for years, there may be something inside of there that you forgot that you once owned or loved. It's pretty interesting, you could do a review about it or share a story behind it or did you hate it or did you replace it with something that is better or more convenient? It is a bit funny knowing that you used to like things that are probably not for you anymore. Maybe you could also share that you're giving it away or passing it on if its still usable at its current state. Helps you clear out some stuff and having a story to tell, definitely a win-win situation. 

Being a new blogger myself, I'm pretty much over excited whenever I make blog posts or share the content that I made. I tend to upload or posts quite often that would soon lead me to having left only a few ideas on what posts should I do next? For me there isn't anything wrong with posting as much as you can whether it'll be everyday or a few days in a week because I think that if it is worth sharing, then go ahead and share it. At least your readers would know that there is a content made by you which would interest them whether they'll read it today, tomorrow or probably next month, it is there for them to read.

Thanks for reading and if you have other things where you find inspiration or ideas from, do share them on the comment section below so we could also help other people who also came in reading this for more ideas. 

Until the next blog!



  1. Ako I just end up doing product reviews, I find it easier and less time consuming. Pag personal naman it's mentally exhausting kasi. I would agree about Magazines but I haven't tried it yet. Naiisip ko lang. When it comes to music, lalo na pag emotional topic ko napapansin ko I can collect myself better. I have a journal... or more like a notebook with pasted articles bla bla.

    1. I do agree that personal posts are abit mentally exhausting pero I keep surprising myself with the outcome ng content. The journals kasi kapag binabasa ko ung mga old ones, parang may mga nasasabi ako na pwede maging "letter to my younger self". Sa mga magazines meron din yung nakikita mo na mga bagong release na makeup or price or mga combination for full face makeup, so talagang nakakatulong xD


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