Monday, June 8, 2015

Benefit Brow Genie

Hey everybody! welcome back to my blog! So Benefit Brow Genie, I don't know if I'm pretty much the last person to actually try this thing out but I've been growing my eyebrows since I wanted a bit of a change and then I realize "well I guess I could go ahead and try this if it'll inspire me." It actually did impress me and I'll show you guys what I did.

I first took my selfie and uploaded it on the website.

Ps: Forgive my criminal look on my selfie xD!

After it loads, it shows you where your eyebrows should start:

After that, it would show you where your arch should be placed:

And then, it would show you where your eyebrows should end:

And lastly, the final photo on how it would look on you:

To be honest, it did made me laugh because of my low quality camera shot and having super clean eyebrows doesn't really look that good but I think that this brow genie really does help new people who are experimenting with their brows to know how or what should they start with and at the same time knowing what would be best for their face feature.

I am not a brow expert but I do love experimenting, so if you haven't tried this yet, I suggest you should because it is real cool and informative.

So hope you guys like this mini review of it and don't be shy to comment down below for questions, suggestions or requests.
Until the next blog!

The link for the website is HERE
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