Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yay just a few more changes I'm done!!

Hurray! I'm almost done! 
It still has a few mistakes that I need to fix but at least I know how to do them already. To be honest, the hardest thing in designing your own blog is what you want it to look like. I pretty much done mine by not stopping and I just kept on adding things until I'm satisfied or deleting some of them if they don't fit well with the whole design. 

Should I add more designs or take off some of them?
I think that the design now is really cute already, but I think I want to change the gadget design and add some borders between them. I don't know but I guess I'll see what I can do tomorrow. 

Tomorrow me and my brother are heading to the mall to buy his PSVita and I'm gonna go check out benefit and make up forever since I don't have a single item from there and I have heard positive reviews about them, so yea, hopefully I'll be able to buy something that I need.

For now I am taking off my make up and heading to bed.

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