Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm baaaccckkk!!

Hey everybody!

I am back to blogging. I've been gone because all of a sudden, I have been obsessing over tumblr (I still am, Sorry xD), I made some GIF, edited some pictures, played sims 4 and made custom contents too. And yea, I have 2 tumblr blogs which I am very addicted to.

Anyway, for some reason I am really not that comfortable with posting long texts on tumblr because it looks kinda weird on my page after I view it. I've seen other tumblr people has a link to where the long texts are viewed which I will eventually learn but for now, I really really missed actual blogging and would wanna continue it once again.

So for today I guess I am gonna "pimp" my blog where I add a more personalized layout or theme or maybe I could find other people who has real nice ones already. And then add some effects here and there and make it look more nice to the eyes. I feel like going for a more professional look for this blog since both my tumblr accounts are looking pretty fun and has a ton of effects.

I'll get to work now, see you later!

Ps: Just incase you want to view my tumblr here they are: My main tumblr : Here; and my Simblr (second tumblr) : Here

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