Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good morning! | How have I been?

Good morning guys! I have been searching for some tips and tricks in designing my blogger layout and so far I am doing a pretty bad job at it. But I gotta admit, it is kind of therapeutic. I'm very focused and I'm sure that I'll get this right someday.

Online Job Hunting

So I have been trying to apply for some online jobs. I've sent over a hundred applications and no one has been accepting me yet. Its kinda sad I know but I just need to be a little more patient and for now, do what I can do, which is to improve my pages and my portfolios so it will be more presentable than what already is.

Social Media addiction is real.

I've also been addicted once again to my social media accounts and reconnecting with some old friends of mine. 

I have quite a good amount of followers on instagram now and I am so happy since you know, more followers = more likers :D. Working my way to 2k followers and more!

Make-up explorer

So, I've been randomly watching make-up gurus on youtube and saw that most of them are using quite the same products and include them in their reviews, I do miss bulk shopping for make-up and I admit that I have some products that I've been using for years. I know its not good to do that but I keep saying that "I'll just use this one while I try and find what will suit me better" well okay, that never happens because whenever me and my brother are at the mall, I suddenly have a brain fart and forget what I need to buy. Now, I've listed down some products that I'll be saving up and buying on my phone. 

I actually didn't know we had benefit cosmetics in the Philippines, I only knew that they have some stalls at makati and shangri-la just yesterday which is good for me because I could easily go there and buy the stuff I want.

I am obsessed with make-up and social media right now so if you guys have any suggestions for make-up products that I should try, just leave a comment down below or message me because I feel like a newborn once again after not buying products for years. Also wish me luck on my online job hunting!


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