Sunday, May 31, 2015

Girl talk Sunday - The mind

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog and if it's your first time here, hi I'm Joyce and welcome to girl talk Sunday. Every Sunday, I find some quotations or topic that I feel I needed to be discussed or what I think everybody could relate to. 

So, "nothing kills you like your own mind." I did a double take on this just because after I read it, I don't know if you guys experience this too, but after I read it, I just had flashbacks on where I canceled last minute on something because I suddenly was scared to do it or the times where I was worried too much about something not happening yet that I had a really bad panic attack. 

I feel that this topic is complicated to discuss. People have opinions that you need to be more aware of your actions, therefore some people tend to overthink until they bail or do something else. Working your brain way too much than it should is usually what makes us crack. It is what makes us make unhealthy choices and what makes us unhappy. 

I think that trying to predict the future without action just yet is what prevents us from actually living in the moment. Planning, if you do plan, just make key points where you are expected to do something in specific hours but you will not be specific about it or have unnecessary things in between. Just know what you're there for and expect less, just live in the moment and what happen will happen. Just do what you think is right at the moment and everything else would just fall in place. 

So everyone, don't be afraid of what's about to come. If it's destined for you, it will make it's way to find you again. Just worry about what you do now that would make you happy and productive and it will be just fine. Everything would be fine so don't be afraid to live. 

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