Sunday, May 24, 2015

Girl Talk Sunday. - Being your own hero.

Hi everybody! Welcome back and today will be the 1st time I will  be doing a weekly "quote" or what I would call a "Girl Talk Sunday". It will be about me finding a topic and discussing it with all my girl readers to inspire or help them and obviously during every Sunday starting today. 

So this quote, I found it while I was scrolling through the weheartit app. I think it has a really funny timing because just yesterday I was helping or advising a friend on what he should do in a situation he was in, he couldn't decide if what he wants to do feels right. I told him that "you may decide in the moment, you could do that yea, but always remember that whatever you do that feels right at that time, do it and everything else would fall into place". After saying that, I caught myself for a second and my mind was telling me "how could you not apply that in your life? You are always afraid that causes you to miss opportunities". And its true, I've missed a lot of opportunities all because I was constantly waiting for the approval of another person. I wanted everything to be right and perfect that sometimes, I end up doing nothing for myself and become someone who hates what she's in and being resentful. 

This quote relates to that because I was always feeling weak. I was pretty much a pushover before in which I had some pretty dark experiences because of that. And what's worse is every time someone would try to help me, I cling to much to them to the point that I end up getting hurt right after they left. That all ended 2 years ago right after the last person who left me alone while I was on my emotional disaster was when I decided I need to help myself, I need to take care of myself because no one else would ever do a better job than that than I am. And so I did.

Temporary tat.
It wasn't really easy. Waking up and thinking that I'm all alone. I had to get over that. I grabbed hold of the steering wheel of my life and drove it to another direction that I think would be the best for me, I started treating myself with things I never thought I would need like doing workouts, going to the salon, learning new recipes, practice writing, doing my own makeup.. pretty much everything that the people around me used to frown upon. And guess what, I am way more happier and healthier than I was 2 years ago. 

Standing up for yourself is a must and what everybody should actually learn. There is a right way and a wrong way. Sometimes, pride gets in the way and causes that person to lie or think he's the one who is still right. But I think you should face the consequences but also keep a stand until what you think is appropriate. Don't be afraid to be brave.

Thanks for taking time to read guys, and hope this has helped some of you.
Until the next blog

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  1. Oh hey I forgot, I do want to hear some of your stories too and if you have requests for topics to discuss, then comment here. I would love to chat with you all.


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