Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yearbook! Puzzle, adobe indesign failure, epubs

Good Evening Everybody!!

So right now I'm being like a nerd on my laptop and finishing up my yearbook. "Yearbook" as in a game yearbook. Its all about my guild Zodiark in Dragon Nest sea. (If you don't know I make GIF and some edited images of us ingame: jojoplays.tumblr.com ). 

Its my 1st time "publishing" a book. Well, publishing as I'm making an epub and pdf format that is free for download to anyone. I've almost finished editing it and wanted to try and make the epub version and put the book on my ipad to view it. Sadly, my adobe indesign is bugging and won't open for some reason.. So yea I'm delaying abit. 

I am soooo excited to release it that I've been practically rushing it since I started editing. I have planned this since september and had my ingame friend Jen take some screenshots to put inside of it. Now my ingame and real life friend Emz is helping me out on doing the cover of the book. We just finished about 1/4 of the detail which is like a jigsaw puzzle but the whole image is from different characters so it will look random. But for me it looks okay, just need to decide how the background and texts will appear.

Photo taken using my phone. Lol.

Anyways, its my 1st time using indesign too and I'm already having problems on just opening it. Oh well, I'll try and fix it and will blog again later!

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