Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New shoes! Orange umbrella, Jollibee, 1989!

Just got home!

Went out with my brother to pay the bills and had lunch and shopped a little bit. Storm is still here and my brother lost our umbrella so we had to buy a new one. Really weird color, orange. Well it was cheap and useful anyway. I bought my brother new walking shorts from penshoppe and I also got myself some cute shoes.

Its worth 199 PHP from SM department store. Really cheap and really comfy. I am suddenly obsessed with it. I've also been looking for those black combat boots, I've checked payless but they don't really have the style that I'm looking for. 
Something like this...

Have been looking for shoes like this for awhile now and nothing I've seen has come close to this one. If I do find them, no hesitation, I'll probably grab it with my size and rush to the counter to pay for it. 
As for food, the whole day today I didn't really feel like eating. If I was hungry I'd just grab a snack and C2 and I'm good. During lunch with my bro, he wanted to eat at Jollibee so we did. He ordered the classic Fried Chicken with rice and I ordered those garlic beef with rice and we split the extra large fries. The garlic beef was quite tasty, its probably my favorite from that place. So yea, now I still feel full. 

When I got home I wanted to play Dragon nest, but sadly my net is being cruel to me again. Its either I'm stuck at the login screen or I got ingame but everything is delaying for 10 seconds. So now I'm just blogging using my ipad while blasting Taylor Swift's 1989 album. My brother is so annoyed by me since I play the music so loud. So he just keeps closing his door LOL. 

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