Friday, December 12, 2014

Sony Vegas pro 11, youtube video ideas, dragon nest, voice overs or no voice overs?

Good evening everyone! 

Today was an okay day, I did some leveling on my sniper on dragon nest sea and did some "filming" for a video I'm going to edit and post right after I finish downloading my Sony Vegas Pro 11. I'm using the 11 version because my laptop is only on 32 bit and 12 and 13 are only available on 64 bit. Well thats what I heard. 

I've got some cute video ideas for my youtube channel and the one I filmed awhile ago was my Elestra costume collection! Its not that much but most of it are quite rare to get already. Yea, I know I sound like dragon nest is like a dressing game, its not but I do love their costumes and I have to admit, it is my favorite in the game. 

I have never used any sony vegas editing products so I may or may not do a review on it. I'm just so excited to make the video already! I am quite unsure if I should do a voice over or not on that video because from what I heard, if you are a youtube partner (gamer) your content must not contain copyrighted stuff and people we're saying that I should do voice overs if I wanna be a gamer youtube partner to save me from the trouble of the copyright stuff. I do not know how true it is, but I wouldn't wanna risk it. So I'll edit my video then put a voice over on it.. I am so not good at speaking and describing since I play so silent, except when playing with my guildies on skype but thats just different since I have someone else to talk to and here I'll just talk to myself ( well to the viewers but technically, yea myself). I have watched youtubers do this and I admit that sometimes, I judge how their voices sound so this will be karma for me. 

Omg now I am excited and nervous. Oh well, now or never.

Real life, everything's pretty much okay. My brother and me were just doing our daily stuff and mom has called awhile ago just to check up on us. So yeap, everything is good.

Ill be ending the blog here for now and wait for my download to finish and would be editing and uploading for the whole night.


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