Thursday, December 11, 2014

Procrastinating. Dragon Nest. Youtube Channel. waiting for sims 4 expansion packs!

Hey everybody!

You know, I planned this whole day to do my leveling on Dragon nest.. I did though, I kept doing other stuff inbetween until I just went full on stopped leveling and exited the game xD

As you know I'm working on a yearbook for my guild but for some reason I kept procrastinating and just did what I never planned on doing, which is to fix and update my youtube channel which I haven't done for quite awhile already. Last time I uploaded was a month ago and it was just a funny alpaca wave that me and my guildies in Dragon Nest did. So if you guys see this, do subscribe to my channel (well if you are playing dragon nest since my posts are mostly about that).

I do plan on putting up other game videos such as PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2) Last time I played was during September so I'm really outdated and would needa do some catching up when I come back. Sims 4 I did plan on doing some videos of my gameplay of that, but I never really had the time to play it when it 1st came out.. so I'll probably wait for the expansion packs and do gameplays of those :D

I should really stop procrastinating and actually do the things I planned since its all getting piled up that would just give me stress if I don't do it. And since I'm always on my phone, I'll just keep alarming it every hour to remind myself to do it. Haha! Oh well, I guess this is the entry for today.. just a normal, boring, procrastinating day for me ~

Video I posted awhile ago ~


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