Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pretty Little Liars - How "A" stole Christmas.

Totally awesome as always! So worth the wait but now, I cant wait for the next season! 

So now.. Spencer is out on bail for "murder" that she didn't do. "Merry ho-ho" -Spencer. The girls were out on the streets to find a lawyer that gave Hannah a package from Mona 30 days after her death..

Based on what I understood it was a "map" of Alison's house. Practically where she hides stuff. Speaking of Ali, her family has sponsored a ball for Rosewood.

The girls + each of their partners have planned to keep an eye on Ali while Spencer and Hannah break in Ali's house to hunt for something to help Spencer out of jail.

Ali on the other hand was being haunted by Mona and her mother. Her mother came to her room and warned her about Mona, that she has alot to say. While Mona is constantly present around Ali. 

On the party, Ali as always like what she said was always one step ahead. 

She had her new posse which are the twins, Jenna and Sydney. 

Couldn't believe after watching thw whole show and trying to keep an eye out for clues, you would still miss some stuff.. Like this dude Ali was kissing..

It was the detective... Holbrook? Idk how to spell it. Anyway, Cece Drake was also there with face painting and a white furry cloak.

She gave Alison a perfumed named "Alison" that from what Cece said was the owner made it how you descibe the person. 

Then there was Spencer and Hannah hunting down for clues, which Toby was lookout. 

Hannah found this letter that was from Bethany. 

All sorts of stuff that they found Ali's fake passport, they found out Ali was communicating with someone..

Well as usual, A was there and knocked Hannah out while he or she escaped. They got home and reviewed that the letter would help Spencer out of Jail. The girls and their partners celebrated Christmas with a whole meal together. 

While Ali was having nightmares..

Mrs. D was the black widow?

That wasn't all for her to take in, as she peaked through Spencer's home and saw all the girls were celebrating and happy together. 

Well.. They we're happy altogether until this happened...

That was about it, I actually enjoyed it even though it was creepy and I had more questions once again. Anyway, here are some of the screenshots I liked from the episode..

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