Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pdf testing, friends, dropbox, pretty little liars!

So.. I kinda gave up on installing the adobe indesign for tonight. I just know I did something wrong but don't know what xD. Anyway I tried the pdf version of the yearbook and its looking awesome! Just needs a little more tweaks and it'll be ready for "publishing". 

Don't worry it has lots of pictures, I just can't show it yet xD (My ipad, photo taken on my phone)

Now I'm waiting for emz to send me the Friends episodes on dropbox. 
Fact # 1 
I am like the only person who has never ever seen a single episode of Friends.
Fact # 2
I didn't know how useful dropbox was until today. Like seriously a life saver and I am hooked. 
Fact # 3
The reason I need those episodes its because 80 cap is coming to dragon nest sea and I need something to watch while I grind level so I won't get bored. And here comes . . .
Fact # 4
I have this hyper side where I needa do 2 things at a time. The reason is I easily get bored.

I tried going ingame to play again but sadly its still lagging / delaying sooooo bad, just irritates me. So I am here now, blogging on my bed ~ I'll probably just go watch youtube videos or maybe watch the pretty little liars how "a" stole christmas episode. I've got no idea if it was released or not yet but I just miss PLL. I am addicted to that show and I just gotta say.... Poor Mona, such a tragic death. Never expected her to die though, she's just so smart. She know's how to play the A game and without her, its like the liars are going back to square one. Oh well, I guess thats what we're gonna look forward to on the next seasons. 

See you guys later! Byeeee

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