Monday, December 22, 2014

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Good morning everybody! 

Woke up early today to list out the things that I need to do to prepare for christmas day! So today I will be doing some last minute christmas shopping, buying gifts for my secret santa, buying cake for christmas because.. Who doesn't want cake for christmas? Also paying the bills and to also check out some room decorations that I will put up and use to redecorate my room for the new year to come. After I get home, I'll also be doing some cleaning the house also because tomorrow I plan on just sitting infront of my laptop and finishing up the yearbook I'm making. I hope I would be able to do everything that I need today and tomorrow and the next day will just be preparation for the christmas party here at our street. I am so excited! 

So let's stop procrastinating and get into it! I will try to blog about what christmas gifts I got so stay tuned for that one. Wrapping christmas presents are my favorite! Lets just hope I find the perfect gifts. See you all later~

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