Thursday, December 25, 2014

Joined a contest, waiting, super full.

ahhh! I'm so excited for something so unsure. well.. I'm gonna tell you guys why. hehes. so I joined a "contest" or rather a giveaway from one of my favorite youtubers "laurdiy". I joined her twitter giveaway and the winner will be announced later at 1 am GMT & 8 (12 noon EST at their time). I have this feeling that I may not win but urgh.. I am so hoping to win the camera. Seriously need it because since I was like 11 I really wanted a dslr but never really came close to actually owning one. It would be the perfect holiday gift ( material) I will ever receive. So now, I'm just really waiting.

Anyway, you guys know I practically prepared a feast last night for christmas. I was trying my best to eat everything so it wouldn't go to waste. So just now I ate a piece of cake. And my goodness... I am so freagin full. I would seriously, really work out again. I always say that but when I'm at the moment I procrastinate. But no more excuses. I need to do it for myself. gotta give myself some love!

I guess that's just my blog for tonight. I'm just also addicted to this app I'm using and could just blog on my phone anytime I want. So awesome!

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