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How to avoid Procrastination.

You know when you plan and want to do something, like you have scheduled and lined it up with your day and then all of a sudden when you are at that time, you start doing other things. Like something distracts you or you feel to lazy and find something else to do that would be alot more enjoyable. Uhuh, procrastination indeed. So prepare yourselves, I'm going to have a "girltalk" with you guys if you don't mind about procrastination. How to avoid it, how to be driven to do your work, how you actually prepare or to actually do the task you are suppose to do earlier than expected.

Ok so before we get started, I will admit to all of you readers out there, that I am probably one of the biggest procrastinator (idk if that's a word or not haha) in the world! I tend to skip what I was supposed to do day by day, sometimes I tell myself "just 5 minutes jojo and you can get started" but ending up with being another 5 minutes then all of a sudden I would realize that I have spent the whole day being unproductive and everything not going as it is planned. Totally ruins the days that comes along after it with me having piled up work to be done, and I am really working hard on changing that. It is the reason why I am doing this topic so that I could actually look back into this and how much I want to change it by having a view on what my experience has been and how it would affect me if I continue to procrastinate more in the future. And ofcourse, I hope that this would help everyone of you readers too!

So 1st topic.. The "5 more minutes" excuse.

Now, how many times a day do we say this to ourselves? Not just to ourselves but to the people around us also? When 5 minutes is done, do you get mad / irritated / frustrated if yourself or other people remind you that the time is up and get up and moving? Do you try to bargain for a few more minutes? Or try to bargain with other stuff to set yourself free from the responsibility that you gave your commitment to? Well sis / bro, you have been experiencing it as bad as I have. 
The solution that I tried for this is quite funny and also gives me a little pride inside myself.. What I did to solve this problem is I set an alarm, yes I am sure you guys have done this for your wake up alarm but no, this is different. You will set an alarm for everything that you need to be doing. For example cooking, doing homework, editing a photo, taking your meds, to get ready to go out, anything or any task that you always tend to procrastinate on. I always try to do it and finish it BEFORE the alarm goes off. And when it does come off, I have this big smile on my face and my mind is "ha! You are late, I've already done it" then just press the off button for the alarm. But when it does go off and you haven't done what your supposed to do, then you will obligated on doing so because you know that you wanted to do it earlier just that the alarm has caught you doing other things rather than what you should be prioritizing. Another tip is: try to put your alarm really loud and have the most annoying sound you have. That way you won't need yourself or anyone else annoying or nagging you to do the task.

On to our next topic is about.. "Making up excuses" or "I'll do it tomorrow"

You tend to make other plans even if you know that you should be doing what you already planned on your head. You go and sit or lay in your bed and think that "oh I am too sleepy to work with it". Or you could be out with someone else and decided that you wanna spend time with them even if you guys aren't really doing anything but just sit down and practically stare at each other or what we experience now are we have our eyes glued to our smartphones even if we have company. Ahh hell yes, don't we love having a better reason or better things to do than to actually do what we are supposed to. Well this is really a hard one, at the moment I feel that sleepiness coming to me at the afternoon and know I have something important to do, I try to answer my excuse to sleep to "should I really sleep now? If I do, I'll end up having to sleep late and deal with the thought that I didn't do my work this afternoon". So yea, with those guilty thoughts that haunt me every night, I am more driven to do my work as fast and as clean as I can for a peaceful sleep at night. Plus it lessens the stress you feel sometimes when you are such in a rush to do it on the last minute. Another solution is, try to imagine if you do have the actual free time you have today than you will tomorrow. What if tomorrow you need to go somewhere important with no early warnings of it. Ofcourse you will do those things and procrastinate again and again until 2 months has passed by and you are continously doing it. Just do it now and you can have tomorrow however you want or need it to be without any worries. A solution to having your friends along with you but you guys are practically doing nothing, why not ask him to join you or watch you do your work. With this he / she will watch you and if they are interested enough, they will as you questions, like what is this work about, why do you want to do it, then all of a sudden you guys we're on your smartphones to actually engaging on a conversation that would interest you both or have them  interested on what you do. Who knows, they might actually be able to help you finish the task earlier and have fun along the way. I hear one of the best days ever!

Being jealous or intimidated on other people who are already succesful on your passion.

This topic is such a downer, its sensitive and we hate admitting it to anyone, even to ourselves. We feel that you don't really need to do anything anymore because someone already did better. You would rather fail by not doing it rather than trying and try to at least get 2nd or earning the goal. If you wanna be succesful, you will need to learn and work the hard way first before it gets easier. Actually, it never gets easier, you just grow stronger and more flexible. Practice will never hurt anyone, for all I know, its where everyone began. From having a blank paper into a 500 page book. It would take you time to master what you do, and if you don't do it now, will you ever try and succeed? 

Knowing you could just have delivery, pay someone else to do it, anything that you could just pay off to get the work done.

Ok sure, you have the money to do this, but how often do you do it? If you really don't have the time to do it, then its no problem, but what if you do and you're just sitting there and nothing is wrong with you. Get up! Get up! You can do it, it won't be that long and before you know it, its done already and you realize that you could use the money on other things you want. What I do when I get those thoughts, I tend to surf for the things I want online. Whether it will be food, clothing, accessories, hair color, anything. I save the image and get the info on where could I get it. That way I will just think of doing my work and save the money for what I really want. Then after a few days, you would see that you can actually afford the things that you want by being thrifty. Also remember that, nothing can be paid of and get the results that you exactly wanted. If you are a perfectionist, you will not settle for less and you might end up hiring other or better people to do a simple work but would cause you to spend more money on. So save that money and get up to work with inspiration.

Another thing that may cause you to procrastinate is.. "Fear" or "I'm scared to mess up"

I get it. Trust me I do get it. Everyday, I contemplate on doing random things I usually do, differently. Whether it would be a new recipe, a new workout, a blog post, a video I wanna do, a review, anything.. There will be this tiny bit of us that would scare us into thinking that it would not be successful as you think it will be, that you'll be so disappointed that you didn't get it right, that it won't work, it wont fit you or thinking that there is a possibility that it will hurt you emotionally / physically / mentally. For me, its pretty much the same as making up excuses. What are you so afraid of? Let's get real that you may embarass youself, but you know what, nothing you do can ever damage you as long as you do not intentionally hurt anyone or yourself. You will make mistakes and you will not be able to please anyone. But that is what makes us human. Do not let fear hold you back into what you intend on doing. If you do end up getting hurt.. Well at least you will never settle with those "what ifs". But you will have a story to tell, that you did try the best you could and for me, and someone out there, its good enough already.

Ok, so I think I covered most of the topics under procrastinating is. Sorry though that I went too deep, but sometimes you need to dig deep into a person to bring out the best in them. For other suggestions or techniques or other reasons why you're procrastinating, just hit the comment box below and we could discuss more about it! :D disclaimer : I am not a professional at this, I only spoke about my experience and what I did to overcome it. I would do like to talk it out and maybe your experiences would relate to mine that I haven't included here. So let's get to it~

Hope this post has helped you in some way. All my love to everyone of you guys who read this from start to end. Byyeeeee!

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