Thursday, December 25, 2014

How I spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

I feel so happy! 

So Christmas Eve, I was cooking our meal for Christmas. I made fruit salad, fried chicken, rice, fiesta ham, spagetti. We also had cake and puto. 

After I was done cooking, the party started already. So me and my brother went to celebrate with our neighbors. 

My bro's shirt was from Cotton on ( about 700 PHP), his shorts from Penshoppe I forgot how much. I was wearing this oversized stripe shirt from Forever 21 (550 PHP is if I remember. Correctly). And I was wearing black shorts from forever 21 also ( sorry cant see ) 

We we're playing games and ate and also sang at the karaoke. 

My brother singing "Next in line" with Kuya Ed our neighbor xD.

Me and the girls all drank Chivas. And yea, I was the youngest out of all of them but it never was an issue because they are all so nice. That night it felt like we we're all so close. 

Before the night ended, we gave our gifts to our secret santa. 

My brother's was from Rhoda, mine was from a little girl. My brother got this cute shirt that fit him so well. 

And I got these... an olay body wash ( which I am surely gonna try even if I'm white as snow, and a Nivea Fruity Shine strawberry lip balm ( I used it today and I was really satisfied with it, no need for red lipstick because with this, my lips were full on red and it tastes nice too!)

Ok so on for the Christmas day.. Me and my brother woke up early and just reheated our meal that I made. Such an amazing breakfast we were so full. Then we went out to go to the church. We thanked the Lord for having an amazing Christmas even if it were only the two of us in the house. We prayed for our mom to be safe and have a merry christmas also. 

After that, me and my brother went to grab a peppermint mocha frap ( for me ) and chocolate chip frap ( for my bro) at starbucks!

My peppermint mocha frap <3 I haven't had one so when I tried it, I got so addicted. I would surely want more! 

When we got home, we just walked around our village greeting everyone we meet "Merry Christmas". It was simple but I really am satisfied and happy. 

Hope you guys have an amazing Christmas too. Tell me how you guys spent your Christmas on the comment box below!

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