Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Household chores, Preparing for christmas, TIRED!

Ahhhh! Hey Everybody!

I just spent my whole day doing the chores and let me tell you. It was super tiring. I'm not finished yet actually, I'm just taking a break and gonna clean the upstairs bathroom. It's gonna be the last one and I'm DONE! Like literally, I already cooked dinner, after cleaning I'll eat then finish the yearbook. As much as possible, I wanna finish it today so tomorrow I could cook the meals I'll be preparing and the christmas party here on our block! Makes me wonder what Christmas gift I'll get.

Anyway, I feel accomplished that I'm almost done, and I'll be even more proud of myself right after I finish this. I can't help it, I'm just so happy seeing everything so clean! I cleaned mine and my brother's room, the stairs, the living room, the kitchen, and I did the laundry and ofcourse cooked dinner.

My feet actually hurts from the slippers I was wearing while doing the laundry. It was one of those sports slippers and urgh, I could never hate it more than I do right now. Seriously, it stings! painful.. soooo painful. Okay so I guess my break time's up and time to get moving. Its 6:12 P.M. already here and I cannot wait to be done. So see you guys later ~!

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