Friday, December 19, 2014

Dnsea Level cap increase! Pirate costumes, vlogging?

Sorry haven't posted a blog about anything for the past few days, I was dealing with some stuffs on real life and pretty much got distracted.

Anyway, Dragon Nest Sea has now increased maxed cap. 80 cap is here! Surprisingly, leveling / grinding is alot easier now. you practically need to run 10x to level up, yes with or without FTG its that easy now. And due to it being alot easier, I have maxed all 4 of my characters that I use which are my Adept, my Elestra, my Light Fury, my Artillery. They all have the sheep, pirate costume, and the 80 reward where there are talisman / plate extra slots (all of them are only limited).

Made me wish that I should have bought those costumes when they we're still available on the cash shop. 

Other than that, I have uploaded some videos on my gaming channel, still about DN and I do hope it'll help people searching for it. Trust me, I know the struggle to find the information you need in game.

So onto other things besides gaming, you know how you wanna start a vlogging channel on youtube but don't know what you can show them day by day when you're just at home? well yea that's me. I plan to do so, but errr... I guess not now.

Real life has been busy, I reconnected with my friends from 12 years ago, its funny how you all talk to each other like you never grew apart but in reality, you did. alot.

So I guess this will just be my entry for today. Ending it now and hope you guys do subscribe to my gaming channel if you also play Dragon Nest Sea or any Dragon Nest. :D

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