Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas shopping done, KFC, Goldilocks, Bills

Sooo tiring today! 

Just got home with my brother and I believe that we have spent 5 hours outside just doing everything that needs to be done before Christmas. First off we went to pick up some groceries, bought some more ingredients that I'll need to cook during Christmas, then we went to go eat at KFC. We just had the classic original chicken with rice and a snackbox (it has fries and tiny chicken pieces in it) of course we didn't finish it all so we had to have them for take out. Then we went to pay the bills and then shop for our gifts for our secret santa ( gifts I bought were posted before this blog ). After that we bought cake and puto at Goldilocks. The cake was a half roll chocolate mouse ( can I hear, YUM! ) and butter Puto. It all seemed like a short time outside but trust me, all that walking was seriously tiring. Before we went home me and my bro picked up some zagu! (Its a smoothie) mine was cookies and cream and my brother had chocolate. Even if there was heavy traffic and lots of people going around, it was soo fun. I'm glad everything is done and ready. 

So now, here I am blogging and eating my snackbox from KFC. So delicious. I love today!

Then, I think I will rush clean later and just finish the yearbook since its already starting to get dark. I finished wrapping the presents so one task done! I am excited for christmas! 

Tell me how you guys got ready for Christmas down on the comment box below. I would love to hear them! 

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