Saturday, December 27, 2014

A satisfying yesterday.

hey guyyyss!!

I havent blogged yesterday but yesterday was a really good day. I spent the day with my mommasan and papasan's house ( ingame parents haha ) with my brother. I got to meet their adorable dog Jessie! We ate alot there too. We played Dragon Nest also of course and did some catching up. We have plans to meet our other ingame friends at January. No exact date yet but for sure it'll be on January.

Then when we got home I was lazy to cook dinner so we had mcdonalds. The delivery was a little late so we got a 100 PHP gift certificate which we then used today xD

So yea, it was really a satisfying day. And I got no regrets spending it that way. Today I'm not yet sure what I'm gonna do so I guess I'll blog about it later :D

See ya guys ~

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