Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Lazy Girl's Survival Kit For Christmas || Blogmas # 9

Christmas is approaching! All the sales are coming, the holiday foods are available and Christmas decorations are all out but sometimes, ya sista ain't got no time for all that. You probably know what I mean from reading the title above but there really are days where you would think that this ain't gonna happen but still wanting to celebrate Christmas. So here is a survival kit for us lazy girls out there for the holidays.

  • Spotify
Seriously, this is a life saver. If you don't wanna download a whole lot of Christmas songs to jam to, Just make a spotify account and search for a ready made playlist for Christmas songs and play. Tada! Plus it's free if you don't mind the ads (which isn't that all bad since you know you'll probably need that few seconds for a breather to get ready to belt out the next song). You don't have to look any further, I  have a Christmas playlist HERE.

  • Christmas bags
Some of us just isn't a fan of wrapping up Christmas presents so I'm thankful that these exists in our lives. We may be really busy sometimes and end up not wrapping gifts on time so we put the gifts inside these bags that are cute and handy too because let's be honest, it's the thing inside the bag and the thought that counts. Saves us the time and the energy from cleaning up after those leftover gift wrapping paper that I know some of us will never use again.

  • The Classic Red bow.
Speaking of wrapping up presents, there are just those things that couldn't be wrapped (eg. A Puppy, a bike, a car, a rock ^_-). So, just add a bow for the "Here's your present and yeap! I did that!" effect. 

  • Ready made Christmas treats
These include candy canes, Christmas themed donuts, Christmas cake or anything that is already ready to eat without you having to prepare anything else but your tummy because DIY isn't everybody's forte and like I said, not everybody would have the time for it but having these things helps us become more festive without having to deal with the before or after.

  • Shop's contact numbers.
Christmas shopping no matter how much we may love new things is still the most stressful thing to do during the holidays. The trick here is to have a ready made Christmas list on the things you need to get and where to get it from. Ring up the shops and ask if they have the items currently available and if they'll be able to hold it for you. This will save you the disappointment and having to battle out some crazy Christmas shoppers when you go to the store.

  • Your favorite red lipstick
Nothing makes a good beauty statement than gorgeous red lips for the holidays. No matter how minimal your makeup is, a good red lip can really catch people's attention. It makes you look confident, sexy and made an effort. A must have for this season.

  • Dear Future app. (available in android, not sure on apple)
Again, let's be honest. How many of us really checks and use our planners? Uhuh, I see you. Well, if you are one of the people that carries their phone everywhere they go, then this would be an amazing little reminder of what we need to do because it lets you send yourself a text a few minutes, hours or days after you hit send. I know once I get a text from somebody about something I suddenly become the world's fastest worker so maybe this would help too. 

  • Pajama themed party.
Hosting the Christmas party this year? Have a pajama themed party! No makeup or dressing up required. Just you, your friends and pajamas and probably a hundred face masks and Christmas movies and treats.

  • Netflix, iFlix, any flix that let's you watch movies anywhere.
What better way to get into the Christmas-y mood than to watch Christmas movies? It really just brings out that spirit of appreciating all things Christmas because you see how magical this season could be with all these movies. I have some of my favorite movies here if you want some recommendations. 

So all you fellow lazy girls out there, there's no need to feel like you can't handle the holidays because sometimes, you just have to not overthink it and just go with it. Hope that you found this helpful and tell me what are your other tips on getting ready for this Christmas.


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your proposals. keep in touch

  2. I do love wearing red lipstick during this time of the year :) Nice list!


    1. Red lipstick won't do you wrong when you wanna pop! Thanks :D

  3. I definitely agree with the red bows, I brought my Sister some stocking fillers and they already had red bows on them so no wrapping up needed on my part haha! Ooh I might get my red lipstick out this Christmas, I've been wearing Clinique cherry pop ever since I got it :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. I have heard of those and will try to find some for myself since from what I've seen, I don't have enough red shades in my vanity xD


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