Monday, December 28, 2015

Joycentricity Highlights || My Favorite Blog Posts from 2015

During this year, I reached a year in blogging and owning Joycentricity and have discovered more about myself in the process. With this, I would wanna share some of the content that I made that I will be finding myself going back to often because it means a lot to me and hopefully would inspire you too. 
My content is not just for me but for you too. I hope that you find getting to know yourself more a thing that you shouldn't be ashamed of. Having achievements, big or small doesn't matter if you know that you put effort into it. You deserve the best so do not settle for less (trust me, I learned the hard way). So, thank you for your support on my blog and I will try my best to not disappoint you and have some of my personal fun along the way. We're in this together babes!


  1. I recently wrote a very similar post too. I kind of felt like a 'bad mother' for having favourites within my own blog posts haha
    Anyway you can check it out here ( )

    Have a great 2016,
    Barbs (new reader)

    1. I know how you feel but I just love these because it kind of gives a summary to your whole blog or an extension of your about me. Will check out yours and happy 2016!


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