Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Wishlist || Blogmas # 3

It's always good to do a Christmas wishlist because you'll never know who maybe the one to gift you these things or a hint for your secret Santa.

Blush Pink Kanken Classic

I'm obsessed on how this looks. I also feel like I using backpacks nowadays plus, the color is one of my all time favorites. I swear I would carry this around wherever I go because of how cute it is!

Instax mini 8

I've been wanting to have this one for years but ends up not getting it. It's super cute and as usual, I want the pink one of course because I'm such a girly girl.

Adidas Superstar

Have been finding a pair like these for awhile but they are always sold out. It's super trendy at the moment and you can pair it with almost anything. And, I don't really have any sneakers at the moment so this would be a perfect one to have.

Ari by: Ariana Grande Fragrance

Raspberries and marshmallows? Uh, yes! It isn't available here on our country yet but man, the bottle looks amazing already and the little white puff is just a cute addition to it. Would really want this on my fragrance collection.

Crosley turntable

These days I've been loving the vintage vibe designs so when I saw these, I just know that I need it in my life. It is super expensive so I know I'll have to save up a ton for this one and it's records. It's just beautiful.

Naked Palette 

1,2, 3, anything would do actually since I don't own a single urban decay product (I only have replica ones). I always see these around and I really want to try them because of how everybody keeps saying that it's amazing and a must-have.

Valentine Rose Gold Sunglasses from Sunday Somewhere

I forgot who I saw with these sunglasses but I remember trying to search for one and I found this! It's gorgeous and I actually am in a sunglasses mood nowadays whenever I head out (because it's seriously so hot in the Philippines right now). Something similar in shape and in color would be alright too. I just think it's a perfect pair of sunnies.

So those are the things I'm wishing to receive or get myself on Christmas day. I'm sure that I'll not receive all of them which is alright but 1 or 2 is a must because I would really love to have them!

How about you, what's on your Christmas wishlist?
Credits: Photos found from google (all different sites).


  1. So I'm guessing your favorite color is pink. Hehe :D

    1. Yessss! Although it usually changes but pink is the safe or comfort shade xD

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like your wishlist. Fabulous proposals. keep in touch

  3. Hun! I love all the christmas items on the list. I have the instax mini same color and I absolutely love it <3 I truly honestly want the crosley turntable too :) I love how it has that vintage feel for it! Thanks for sharing gorgeous <3

    Lots of love,
    Kayla Xx

    1. Thanks! Hopefully will be able to get myself some of these soon! :)

  4. Great wishlist. Wishing you a fantastic day.

  5. I love the Crosley turntable!!

    Lauren x |

    1. Yesss it's so nice and once you collect some records it'll be so awesome!

  6. I've been wanting to have an Instax Mini but I just feel it's not really a "necessity." If someone would give me one, I'd be happy but personally purchase it? I'll pass. LOL


    1. I know what you mean, sometimes I have the money to buy it but when it's paying time I back out at the last minute.

  7. lovely products amazing products


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