Saturday, November 21, 2015

Life Lately.. #4

Hi everybody! I haven't been posting for a few days due to something that has come up in my life unexpectedly which I may or may not be sharing soon. Although what I do wanna share is some update of what have I been upto despite what I've told you. I kinda feel like I'm beginning to turn my life around and that's just pretty exciting for me.

First that I'd wanna announce is blogmas, I maybe participating since I find it a challenge and I think it would be fun but I'm not really sure what to do to be honest because whenever I watch "vlogmas" on youtube, I see people just doing their everyday thing and little Christmas things here and there so I don't really know if I'll be posting like a diary / journal style everyday or have some Christmas themed post. Though, I can't deny that I will be doing some Christmas themed posts because I already planned some of them out during the first week of October. If you are participating in blogmas, do give me some hints on what you may do since this is my 1st time ever doing blogmas.

Speaking of 1st time, I'll be having my 1st blogaversary too at December 09, 2015. Any surprises? I reaaally don't know, I'm sorry but I have nothing planned for it yet and hopefully something will come up to be able to celebrate my 1st year as a serious blogger.

My brother's birthday. Yesterday, November 20, 2015. Me and my brother just went to SM Megamall to celebrate his birthday by going shopping and eat. Well, mostly we just ate but we had fun. He bought the amazing spiderman game for his psvita and was thrilled that we just walked around for hours. I had fun because.. I just love shopping, no surprise there.

I'm thinking of actually getting a proper camera now. I usually don't say my plans unless I'm 100% sure but I'm actually really tired of using my camera phone (note: the phone I have now is the samsung s3 mini and I had this for over 2 years already) the struggle is real to take a clear shot of what I want and for the products I'm featuring. And since I want to take blogging way more seriously and have a personal love for editing pictures, this is on my #1 must haves. Although, I'm trying to decide if I want the Fujifilm X-A2 or the Canon eos M3 and I'm currently reading and watching reviews for both to help me make my final decision. So I would say to expect high quality photos from me soon. (Finally!)

If I'm not wrong, I told you guys that I'm writing a book. Yes, I'm still writing it and changing some parts again. I honestly don't know if I'll ever be able to finish this soon since I always think of a better scene, character name or characters to add and just some little details that I think fills the story more. No title yet but I do have an idea on where the story would go but would not announce that yet since I fear that I will be changing that again when an idea comes up. So wish me luck guys!

Do expect me to be back to blogging most of the week starting today since I've slowly made some drafts that I would wanna share with you guys. And thank you for those who have been visiting my blog even when there wasn't new content everyday and leaving comments or taking time to read some of my old posts. I really appreciate it ♥

So, how have you guys been?


  1. Good luck with blogmas. Can't say I could ever commit to that myself! I have a love/hate relationship with Xmas anyway. Hope everything is ok in your world. Sucks when life throws curveballs.



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