Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life Lately.

Hello everybody! I haven't been posting for a few days because I just took a little break and gathered or saved up some blog post ideas that I wanna do. I do have a pretty long list at the moment but, I don't know if it's just me but there will be always 1 or 2 ideas that I always list down but never really do. I don't really know why but at the moment, I feel like I'm gonna do it but when the time comes, I don't really want to. I can't explain it much more but that's just how it is I guess.

Alright so I've been to the hospital quite a few times due to my chest pains and some stomach pains. I had an endoscopy done and the doctor saw that I have erosive gastritis. So I have been taking some meds and hoping for it to feel better soon. It really isn't that painful but it is quite bothersome sometimes. Thankfully now I don't feel it that often.

Another update is that I have removed my braces already after years (I honestly could not remember how long) and I am now wearing retainers. A few teeth are still needed to be done, but other than that, it's done. And not gonna lie, after having them removed and looking into the mirror without any metal on my teeth, I had a sudden identity crisis. Who knew I'd get attached on metal? I just look a lot different in the mirror, probably not on pictures because I rarely smile with my teeth showing on photos. After a few days I kinda got used to it but now that I got my retainers, it feels funny. I have the removable one and only do remove it when I brush my teeth and eat. I talk like how I used to when I first got my braces and kinda developed a habit of brushing my teeth after I eat everytime.

If you've seen my instagram or just my photos around the blog, you'd know I have some blonde hair, it's ombre styled although not quite obvious on my photos here because my camera just doesn't do it justice. So, I got brown hair at the top, fading into a bleached yellow or blonde. I never used toner because I couldn't really find one in the Philippines so I just use purple shampoo. It does help but now I'm kinda leaning onto the idea of dyeing my blondes gray. I know I just dyed (bleached) my hair last month but I just feel like trying something so different right now, (well if you count really blonde ends not wild then yea) plus it is just the ends. And yea, I do these myself because going to a salon is just way too expensive and (based on my experience) they usually don't get it right. I did have some trial and errors doing my own hair but I'm kinda getting used to it. So I'll probably do some research more if I really do wanna dye it gray. But if I really do want to, then expect me to be rocking gray hair before this year ends.

I've been practicing or rather, studying how to do lettering since I got myself some tools I've been keeping myself busy with that for days. I'll be able to perfect it some day hopefully.

Nothing much has happened really that is quite big that I haven't shared yet other than what is coming which is Halloween. I've gathered some candy (treats) for the kids who will be trick or treating this year and I do have some ideas of what mine and my brother's costume will be. I have been binge watching some paranormal experiences of some youtubers and that inspired me to tell you about mine too so expect a Halloween series with the stories and of course some Halloween essentials that you should not miss!

I will be back to daily blog and hope that you all are doing okay!

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