Friday, October 9, 2015

5 Websites To Visit When You're Bored.

Gosh I'm so bored!
What do I do now?
Let's check this post out maybe it has something interesting.

You must be feeling bored if you're here. Not to worry I've got you covered! You probably can't netflix it all the way so here are websites to try out if you wanna do something while waiting for the time to pass and here is another bonus if you are feeling nostalgic too at the moment: 90's Kid.

Trust me now? Just go ahead and try these out:

Warning: Try to use your speaker for this one or lower down your headphones volume before using.
Basically, this is a site where you would try and find an invisible cow by moving your mouse around. You could only know where it is based on the sounds. If it gets louder means your close, if it goes silent or the sound lowers then you gotta find it on another spot. Very entertaining if you just need to blow off a few minutes.
Most of us, when we're bored, we tend to find something entertaining to watch. On this website, you could pick out a genre that you want (or maybe a random suggestion) and it'll give you a list of movies that you'd like. 
If you love reading books but can't decide or have no idea what to read next, then use this site to enter the last book that you read or what book you loved to read and it'll show you options or other books that are the same genres that you may also enjoy. Happy reading!
Here you can add an event or highlight of your day along with how it made you feel and how long will you appreciate or remember it. There will be a graph under the lab that would keep track of how you usually feel and experience. For more information, click HERE.
Seriously, this is amazing. Just click the Let's go and it brings you to a random website that you may or may not find use of. You just wouldn't know what to expect. Pretty brilliant I may say.

What are you still doing here? Go ahead and try them out. Seriously, you won't regret it!

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