Monday, September 28, 2015

7 Ways To Get Through A Blog Burnout

Blogging is fun and entertaining but sometimes, content creators get this frustrated feeling inside them whenever they think about new things to talk about and then they'll feel pressure or end up not doing anything about it at all. Yeap, blog burnout. It maybe a simple thing to hear but it does take up alot in you. If you're experiencing it now, how can you work around it?

Work on your posting schedule.

Whether you are a daily blogger or not, you will have to work around the best time for you to create your blog posts. Consider the events that will come up and if it won't be a hassle for you to create your post. Make sure that you are prepared and not end up being pressured to do it at the last minute.

Take notes of your blog ideas.

There will be days when ideas just kept coming to us while we're doing other things. Try to write it down somewhere, on your phone, tablet, notepad, anywhere that you'll be able to see later on. You'll never know when it'll be really helpful.

Read other blogs

Grabbing some ideas or inspiration from other bloggers isn't at all bad. We tend to get ideas of what we wanna do and state our own opinion towards the topic. Something that I sometimes do when I wanna fill out my editorial calendar. Which brings me to..

Mark the days

Invest on a planner, or better yet, use your phone or any gadget that has a calendar where you can list down the things you'll need to do everyday. When you've collected a few blog topics beforehand, place them down accordingly to when you want it to go live on your calendar. That way, your work space is more organized and your ideas aren't all over the place.

Take a break

Taking a break for a day or two isn't bad, it is your blog after all. Its for you to lessen the stress and focus on other things that would make you happy or to do the things you must do now. Also remember to notify your readers about how you'll be posting less for a few days so that you can maintain your traffic and your readers won't wonder where you are.

Talk to a friend

This really helps especially if your friend is also a blogger. We tend to get frustrated and sometimes dealing with it all alone just isn't helping. Having a friend to give you a pep talk really lightens up your mood and would also give you ideas on how you want things to happen on your blog. 

Reading feedback from your readers

Inspiration is everywhere, especially from your readers. They ask questions, they suggest stuff that you should try out and they give constructive criticism. This would help bring out a new topic that you wanna cover on or would improve your blog altogether. You may also ask them, how do you get through a blog burnout? 


  1. Hello Joyce :) Excellent tips you mentioned in this post on how to prevent the 'blog burnout' . Am glad to stop by your blog, i like the title of your blog too :):).


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