Monday, September 7, 2015

7 Things Everybody Should Do More Often

We all tend to have daily routines, probably doing them more times that we can't manage to remember what it was like having it be done the other way or maybe something different. So here is a list of things that we should try to sneak in our busy schedules more often that would help us be more satisfied with our lives.

1. Disconnect. Everywhere you look, people always have some kind of technology on their hands. There isn't even any conversation with another person physically since everybody is just staring at their phones or playing on their tablets. Try and be different, disconnect yourself and communicate with other people just by approaching them and not dm-ing, pm-ing or calling them, you'll be surprised how conversations are actually better that way.

2. Allow somebody to do something for you. Some of us tends to pretend or forces to be the strong one in the group but sometimes, we would need help from somebody who is willing to do them. Just let yourself relax and let others do it for you. You can't handle everything by yourself, its always good to have somebody to be there for you.

3. Appreciate the people around you. No matter what we think, people are always there for you for a reason, be thankful and show your appreciation by talking to them more or helping them out when they need help.

4. Keep handwritten notes or journals. We may have technology to be able to record every single moment, but there is nothing better than having something that you have made yourself for safekeeping. Having journals is amazing because other than it is private, you'll be able to reread the whole thing a year or two from today as if you're reading a book. You may know how it'll end, but atleast you get to relive the moment. Also, sending out handwritten letters shows effort. And you could never go wrong with putting abit of effort into everything.

5. Play outdoor games with friends or family. When was the last time you got yourself involved in a physical activity just for fun? Grab your friend and play some volleyball, badminton, tennis or even just some street games you used to do when you were kids. Loosen up and actually have some fun where there is fresh air and more space to move. Who says games are just for kids?

6. Go somewhere by yourself. Go see a movie, a concert or go to a museum. Sometimes you'll enjoy things more when you aren't waiting for somebody or deciding what to do together. You only have to think for yourself and what you wanna do in the moment. It is satisfying and also something new even if you've been to that place before with somebody else. It's a whole new experience and adventure.

7. Learn to say no to things. There is a difference with conquering your fears or just doing it than having to be forced to do something because you aren't ready or not really suppose to be doing. Saying no is alright and it is your right. Only do things when you are 100% sure that you want it and not because everybody else is doing it. It is okay to be different and be happy rather than be depressed just to fit in.

Now, what are you often doing that makes you happy?

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