Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blog Post Ideas

Having one of those writer's or blogger's block again? Fret not as I will try and help you with that. I'll be sharing you some of my ideas or what I plan on posting and some of what I may have done already. Feel free to use them or alter them if you'd like.

  1. Monthly Favorites
  2. Empties / Product Empties
  3. DIY stuff
  4. Letter to your younger self
  5. What not to do when __
  6. Things that made you happy this week
  7. What is in your travel bag?
  8. Save Or Splurge?
  9. Gift Ideas
  10. Things to do for free
  11. Things that you've learned since turning __
  12. Guilty Pleasures
  13. Recent life event / milestone
  14. The advice you received that made an impact in your life, good or bad.
  15. Follow a tutorial online and see the outcome
  16. Item Reviews
  17. Wish list
  18. Apps you use everyday
  19. Your fitness or exercise routine
  20. Your diet or healthy recipes
  21. Decluttering (Makeup, closet etc)
  22. Go to routine / In a rush routine
  23. Your fashion before compared to now / Fashion Journey
  24. Must haves / Holy Grail products or tools
  25. Items that you're holding onto or can't throw away.
I hope that this has helped you and comment down below if you have any suggestions too!

Thanks for reading, until the next blog!

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