Monday, December 22, 2014

Secret Santa : Mine and my brother's gift!

So like I said awhile ago, I will be blogging about what me and my brother got for our secret santa. These are the things that we found at the last minute and hope it would give you guys ideas too!

The magazine is my personal gift to my brother, he kept requesting it and I got it for him. Its weddings magazine with Heart Evangelista on the cover of 2014. We bought it at National Bookstore for 300 PHP. 

Next is this diary / journal that I got at National Bookstore for 160 PHP. 

It has a wooden pen and a case also. Its so adorable and its for an 11 year old girl. I would know that when I was 11, So many things were happening to my life, my body starting to grow more and everything! 11 was the age I love to remember so I hope this would help her cherish her time and remember it.

Next one, a lady bug storage case that I got at Shopwise Antipolo for 199 PHP.

It was sooo freagin' cute! There were alot of other designs too, but this one just caught my eye. Plus the red color is perfect for the festive season. I would love to have one on my room too, its useful and its cute and would totally give color to my room. 

The Christmas wrapper that I used was from Hallmark its a 6 sheet roll for about 39 PHP. I just love how green it is plus santa is too cute to ignore. 

Now all's left is wrapping it up and I cannot wait to give it to them! Hope this blog helped you guys on deciding what gift to give this season. And also, tell me what did you guys give to your secret santa. Hit to comment box below and happy last minute Christmas shopping to you guys out there!

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