Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hungry, rice, online jobs

Hungrrryyyy!! The rice is taking sooo long to get cooked. Regret not doing it at an earlier time. Well anyway, I've been searching around about online jobs. It has been months since I've been finding one that I could do everyday and also earn even if I'm just at home. Not really easy as I thought. It is waaaay harder than finding a real job. The ones who are gonna hire you have such high requirements, some of which I do not have for I only finished high school. 

Ahhh.. I am so dreaming of renovating my house, being able to feed myself, buy the things that I need without asking my mom. I want it sooo bad it hurts. 

Just a tiny rant here, I'm just really hungry and really emotional >.<

1 comment:

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