Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Good Morning! Breakfast, lunch, house chores, what Ill be reviewing.

Morning guys!

Today I woke up lazy (once again) and just had my biscuits and milo for breakfast. I managed to log in the game and also do some GM duties. I'm currently holding a voting for the vice guild master slots on our guild page. So far so good though. :D

Its 11:44 and I'm just starting to prepare our meal for lunch, which will be corned beef and rice. Yeaaaa I'm so lazy now :/ but I was craving for corned beef since last night so yea, corned beef it is!!

Today I plan to cook, do the laundry and clean the house abit too since I kind of skipped it for a few days and I got a ton to do. After all of that, I plan on going leveling with my last character in dragon nest for the event.. I know I am sooo exciting -.- but anyway, I'll also be doing a review on the flormar Matte nail polish and will post it soon right after I do the things I said above. 

Laters my lovelies ~

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