Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas is near, yearbook preparation, guild mission, doing nothing.

5 days left until Christmas!! 

I have not finished my ebook (yearbook) yet. Well actually, I did finish it but I still dont have a good program to create the epub format that can zoom in but wont blur out the texts. 

Today I have been nesting with my guildies to hunt for guild title. It is taking soooo long, so few people are doing it. 193 more cleared runs and we have the title already. 

Tomorrow I'll most likely clean the whole house and I would reaaallly want to get started again with my workout. I just really badly need it. As for everything else, nothing much happened today. So I guess I'll have to end my blog here for now since I'll most likely blab about random stuff. Haha!

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